Terms of use

You hereby declare that you do not misuse any CLOUDINHO Services yourself or help others to do so. In connection with the Services, among other things, the following activities and their attempted execution are not permitted:

  • Any violations of the law, including storage, publication or release of content that is fraudulent, defamatory or misleading.
  • Storage of data that is not in your possession or which they have obtained illegally.
  • Violation of security or authentication measures.
  • Annoy or interrupt a user, host or network.
  • Accessing or browsing the Services and creating accounts for the Services other than through our public access interface.
  • Unsolicited sending of messages, advertising, advertising or spam.
  • Sending modified, misleading or incorrect sender information, including spoofing and phishing.
  • Apply for products or services that are not your own without proper approval.
  • Bypassing space limitations.
  • Sale of services without explicit authorization.
  • To post or release unlawful pornographic or immoral content or content that contains extreme acts of violence.
  • Advocate hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups of people based on their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or impairment.
  • Violation of privacy or rights of others.