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About Cloudinho

Cloudinho - The Cloud storage for the family, the club or the company

No more data loss due to broken laptops and crashed hard drives. The handling of USB sticks and SD cards should finally have an end? Are you tired of annoying updates and laborious moving of documents, photos and videos within the family, the club, the leisure club or in the company?

You do not want to worry about data backup yourself anymore; everyone should be able to easily access family photos, documents and videos? A protected communication space for your group, your company, your family would be fine, as well as a calendar and a project management tool?

Cloud storage with added value

With Cloudinho you no longer need external media. Local storage of your documents on a PC or laptop is no longer necessary. To backup, the policy to update and availability of care, the experts from Cloudinho. In addition to the classic cloud features, Cloudinho offers you:

  • private, closed social media community,
  • calendar
  • Project management functions
  • and a Share section so you can share your documents with people outside of your Cloudinho platform.

And all that simple and inexpensive. Sit back and enjoy the benefits that Cloudinho offers.

Structure and security for your data in your personal cloud storage

Cloudinho is the comfortable storage for singles, couples, families, clubs, clubs, groups and small and medium businesses. Save:

  • Documents, such as invoices, contracts, instructions for use, guarantees, insurance policies, protocols, concepts or important letters. Structure your data clearly. Put them in the “Private” area – so they are only visible to you. In the category “Team” you share your documents with your family, your club or work colleagues. Take pictures or scan paper documents with your smartphone and save them directly to Cloudinho.
  • Sensitive, confidential documents, such as: B. documents, certificates or bank statements. With Safe you have a high-security section for important documents at your disposal. Your data is secured here with a mobile TAN procedure, as you know from eBanking.
  • Photos and videos. Create as many photo and video albums as you like and create subfolders. Use your pictures and videos with “Private” alone, with “Team” in the group of your choice or in the “Public” section with the public.
  • Audio files. Store and organize music files and other audio recordings in Cloudinho. Use them alone or in a group and access them easily from anywhere.

Cloudinho Whiteboard - Your private social media platform

You want to discuss with your loved ones, your friends or colleagues online, stay in contact with each other and exchange views in a secure communication and discussion platform? The whiteboard in social media style offers you:

  • Share documents, photos and videos with selected people
  • Chat – write and share posts
  • Like posts and comments
  • Select and display emoticons
  • Create and share drawings

Share - Share files with people outside your cloudinho world

Would you like to give people who are not members of your Cloudinho group access to selected documents, pictures or videos?

No problem – drag or copy the files to the Share section and send recipients a protected link to one or more folders or to specific files.

All appointments in view - with the cloudinho calendar

Without a clear calendar, one of the many appointments that a family has, quickly gets out of sight and is forgotten. The football training, the dance lesson, the next celebration in school or the long-arranged appointment for a doctor – everyone must know when something is to take place or has to be prepared.

Even clubs and leisure clubs need a calendar that everyone has access to plan joint activities. Not to mention companies in which projects and assignments are coordinated. Use the Cloudinho Calendar to manage:

  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Deadlines

in a clearly structured color coding system and can assign appointments to group members if required. Appointments from the project management tool are automatically handled by the calendar so you do not miss anything. Use the calendar alone, in the family, the group, in the club or in the work team.

Project Management - comprehensive, but manageable

Project management tools are handy. They facilitate the handling of projects, orders and larger private projects. However, traditional project management systems are usually too complex and too expensive for families, clubs and small to medium-sized businesses. At Cloudinho there is a complete, easy-to-use project management:

  • Create projects and project areas quickly and easily.
  • Define tasks and assign them to specific persons.
  • Determine deadlines.

Carry out your private or professional project professionally, without chaos with files or appointments and in perfect coordination with all parties involved.

Safe, uncomplicated, mobile and flexible

Its functional diversity alone makes Cloudinho unique. Cloudinho offers much more:

Comprehensive security

Your data is stored domestically – redundantly in a hi-tech data center. Rely on high availability, the latest technology and on legal security and data protection of European cut.

User friendliness

With Cloudinho, you do not need the most advanced devices, not the latest software, external disks, and local installations. You do not have to worry about updates and backup. Cloudinho works with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Only Internet access is required to access your Cloudinho platform. Cloudinho is intuitive, clear and easy to understand.


Access your documents, photos, videos, or audio files from anywhere. Chat with your group, team or family members on the go, keep your projects up to date or take a look at your calendar.

Scalable and flexible

Cloudinho adapts to your needs with just a few clicks. Create as many groups as you like. The number of group members is unlimited. Use as much storage space as you need and create all the projects you work on.


Cloudinho is intended for individuals, families, clubs, clubs and small to medium-sized businesses and therefore offers attractive prices tailored to these customer groups. Even with a small budget, the many functions of Cloudinho can be used.