Hosted in Austria

Structure your life with cloudinho.

Cloudinho ab € 3,99/Monat

Start now in a structured life.

Structure your life with cloudinho.

Cloudinho ab € 3,99/Monat

Start now in a structured life.

Structure your life with cloudinho.

Cloudinho ab € 3,99/Monat

Start now in a structured life.

Start now in a structured life.

What is Cloudinho?

CLOUDINHO combines the functions of a cloud, a project management tool and a social media community in ONE tool and gives the product a unique selling point.

With CLOUDINHO you can structure your family, your company or your club.

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What does Cloudinho offer?

In addition to the classic functions of a cloud, Cloudinho provides you with the following functions:

Project Management Tool. Manage and organize your projects easily and simply. Assign tasks, enter deadlines, delegate these team members, keep track.

SAFE – in this high-security wing preserve your important documents, such  as certificates, contracts, insurance policies, passwords, etc., on. A TAN procedure like eBanking protects your data.

Calendar. Your appointments, tasks and deadlines are displayed in a clearly structured color coding system. The calendar automatically takes appointments from the project management tool, so you always have everything in view.

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Do not worry about the security of your data. Thanks to the latest technologies and hosting in Austria, your data is safe with us.


We put great emphasis on usability in the development. Convince yourself and test CLOUDINHO.


Create your groups and assign user roles to. There are no limits to the number of your group members. A simple upgrade makes it possible.


We make your life easier. With CLOUDINHO no local installation is necessary and you save yourself annoying updates. Leave the work to us.


You can first try Cloudinho for 30 days for free and without obligation. When you choose to subscribe, your personal Cloudinho platform will be ready in minutes.

Cloudinho adheres to the EU data protection regulation (EU-DSGVO) and is subject to local laws. They rely on legal and data security according to Western European standards. Our administrators have no insight into your data.

Yes, you can upload images, videos and all other documents directly from your smartphone…

Yes. You can put your documents in private folders so only you can see them or share them with your group members. Via the Share functions you can also send folders to external users via link.

Yes. All stored documents will be provided with date and name.

Yes you can.

What makes Cloudinho so unique?

  • Development, hosting and support in Austria.
  • Combination of several known systems in one application.
  • Highest security measures are a must.
  • Infinite connections thanks to scalability.
  • The price is unbeatable!

Innovation is the key

Do you still have questions about CLOUDINHO? We have the answer.